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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Process of Suing My Boss?

We offer a free consultation and evaluation with Kenneth R. Myers, Esq. to determine whether you have a valid claim against your boss. If he feels you have a case, he will offer to take the case, and to formalize this, you will sign a contract called a Retainer Agreement. 

After you've hired us and given us all relevant information and documents, you don't have much to do until the time for your deposition, which can be months away.  Mr. Myers will ensure you are well prepared by meeting individually with you for hours before the deposition.

After the deposition, the next event you usually must attend is mediation, which is a form of settlement conference that can take up to a full day. If the case does not settle, the next step would be attending trial.

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Show Me the Money!

How soon can you expect to get a recovery in an employment lawsuit?

Although we never guarantee that any client will get any recovery on their case (such guarantees are prohibited by the Rules of Professional Conduct that govern lawyers in California), I won't take a case unless I feel confident it is likely to result in a recovery.


Hey, I work on contingency, so if I don't get a recovery, I don't get paid.

I generally estimate it will take at least nine months to get around to settlement talks following this more serious approach, though each case is different. I do not try to talk settlement early because that gives the impression I am looking for a quick payoff and am not planning to see the case through trial if necessary, and I feel that lowers the value of the case in the eyes of the employer.

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